Valentines 2020

Valentines Flowers Coleshill, Birmingham, UK

Who will you favour as your Valentine this year?

Who doesn’t enjoy being remembered by a loved one on Valentine's Day? Here at Penny Johnson Flowers we have a range of Valentine’s gifts for everyone, from stunning romantic bouquets of all different colours including rainbow roses, to gin, wine and chocolates, balloons, prosecco and even gift packs of locally brewed beer. Whether you order online, on the phone or in person we can deliver the perfect gift to your chosen one.

Before choosing your perfect valentines bouquet, check out the meanings of roses and tulips:

A red rose was traditionally used to openly express feelings of love, while an orange rose symbolised passion. In ancient Greece, the rose was closely associated with the beautiful Olympian Goddess of love, Aphrodite, who was known to represent love and beauty, but did you know that she was also linked to pleasure, passion and procreation? Signature romantic dozen rose bouquet couldn’t represent your deep and abiding love for someone more clearly. If red isn’t your colour, throw caution to the winds and choose our lilac, pink or white signature romantic kisses or even our delicious rainbow roses, sure to make an impact and lasting impression.

Bouquets are presented in our Signature Penny Johnson Flowers Gift Wrap And Gift Box. If you want to show someone that you are thinking of them, maybe you have admired them from afar, we have the perfect gift combination. A single red rose sends a powerful message and who wouldn’t love our Be Mine Giftset consisting of a 12 Red Rose Bouquet, "Happy Valentine's Day" Balloon, Plush Teddy Bear and a Box of Belgian Chocolates?

Our six romantic kisses rainbow bouquet is the perfect gift for the #lgbt community - inspired by the rainbow flag, these beautiful multicoloured roses are dyed with the different colours of the rainbow to celebrate all types of love and diversity.

For pet lovers (these stems are safe for our furry friends) why not take a peek at our Scarlet Kisses Giftbox in kind-to-the-planet packaging which includes a card with your personal message and features 5 red large headed roses in a burgundy sketch gift box - 7 days of gorgeousness guaranteed.

Let’s not forget tulips which are the the world’s third most popular flower and symbolise undying, passionate love and perfect, enduring love between partners or family members. The national flower for Iran and Turkey, and the unofficial emblem for Holland, many people favour these boldly coloured flowers for their beautiful cup shape and they also come in varieties that have pretty fringed or feathered edges. Associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, red tulips will tell your loved one that you long to be with them.