Get Creative with Flowers - Halloween Pumpkin

Welcome to part one of our 'get creative with flowers' series, where we share flower designs with our fabulous followers, hoping you will be inspired to get creative and have a go yourselves!

In this design we used biodegradable foam and cellophane, you could line your pumpkin with a recycled carrier (no holes) and then scrunch up a ball of chicken wire and carfeully place this inside the pumpkin, the chicken wire will anchor your materials in place.

Why not forage some foliages, twigs and cones? you could also add some dried material


  1. Hollow out your pumpkin
  2. Line to make water tight - a carrier bag with no holes is perfect
  3. Fill with floral foam or a ball of chicken wire
  4. Create the outline of your display with foliage
  5. Add your flowers
  6. Finish off by pinning a folded ribbon that compliments your flowers to the front
  7. Don't forget to topup with water!

Now stand back and enjoy your fabulous creation.

Halloween Pumpkin by Penny Johnson Flowers