Pantone colour of the year 2020

Classic Blue - Pantone colour of the year 2020The sky is the limit for 2020

This year we are all going to be feeling, smelling and seeing blue as the Pantone colour for 2020 is Classic Blue!

Here at Penny Johnson Flowers we will enjoy being surrounded by this beautiful colour in many different guises, and teaming this with complementary colours.

So which flowers are we talking about? Delphiniums, hydrangeas, veronica, Eryngium (thistle) are top of the list and really lend themselves to delicious theming with greys and blush coloured flowers and foliage, all on-trend for 2020 Weddings. Our pInterest page has some wonderful examples, but we'd encourage you to let your imagination run wild with the versatility of this colour scheme. Grey tone foliage such as eucalyptus will not only display the blues beautifully but will give add height, texture and aroma to bouquets and displays.

Book your wedding consultation today with Penny Johnson Flowers and enjoy discovering the variety of scents, sights and touch of the flowers that will be sure to play a starring role in your wedding.

Delphiniums, a classic cottage garden flower, come in a range of blues, including the new pantone Classic Blue, a shade which encapsulates the sky at dusk is the front runner of this new decade offering reassurance and confidence. Majestic and spiky, bold and beautiful and they blend easily and complement other British garden favourites and evoke an earthy floral musk.

Hydrangeas are outrageously beautiful in all colours, but especially the beautiful blue that is a firm favourite with all. Native to Asia and the Americas, mop head hydrangeas are the most recognisable and popular hydrangea due to their large puffy flower heads which distinguish them from other flowers.

Veronica, also called Speedwell, has long spikes of small petals in purple, blue, pink, or white and blooms from spring to autumn.

Eryngium (Thistle), common name Sea Holly, makes a striking addition to a bouquet or flower arrangement as these thistle-like flowers are made up of tiny flowers packed together in a tight cluster, surrounded by a ruff of spiny bracts. The flowerheads last well when cut and can also be dried.

If these flowers are not your favourites by now, we are happy to discuss your likes and dislikes and take into account the season. It’s worth knowing that the pantone blues can also be achieved by using a floral dye by applying it to roses for example - so the sky really is the limit.

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